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Delivery Guy

 What you'll need 


Scooter, Bike or Car

(Licence & Insurance)


Safety Equipment

(Helmet, Jacket etc)


Smart Phone

(iOS 13.6 / Android 6)


Proof of Right to Work

(Passport or ID)


Over 18

Pizza Takeaway

Rider Share Ownership Scheme

When the company performs well, so do you! Join now and be part of our Rider Share Ownership Scheme. We recognize that Riders are the backbone of the food delivery business and should be rewarded as such!


Flexible Hours

Work when it suits you best. Let us know when you are available to work and choose your hours.

Competitive Pay

We pay a competitive fee for each order you deliver. Our Riders keep 90% of total delivery fees.

24/7 Support

Join a community of riders who help and support each other. Our support teams are always with you. 

Rider Share Ownership Scheme

Riders are the most important stakeholders in the fast-growing food delivery industry. This is an industry worth billions of pounds each year, however riders do not get their fair share of the huge profits generated by many food delivery platforms. Wingz Delivery is a fast-growing Rider centered food delivery platform and we pride ourselves in empowering our Riders through our Rider Share Ownership Scheme.

 Financial Gain:  Riders have the opportunity to benefit financially if the value of the company's shares increases over time. 

 Wealth Accumulation:  By owning shares, Riders have the potential to accumulate wealth over the long term. This can provide a source of financial security, especially if the company goes public or is acquired.

 Alignment of Interests:  Our Riders are also shareholders, their interests are aligned with the Wingz Delivery success. They have a direct stake in the performance and profitability of the business.

 Sense of Ownership and Pride:  Rider shareholders will feel a stronger sense of ownership and pride in the company. They will view their work as contributing to something they have a personal stake in.

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